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About everylist

by: PK. 12/22/2017

My name is PK and I run everylist.com. everylist is a personal blog that compliments my YouTube fishing channel. If you enjoy my channel, this is the text version, and I post updates here about fishing and my life when I'm not on YouTube.

So what's with the funny name "everylist"? I had this domain name since 2002, and I renewed it each year since then. I initially wanted to register a more appropriate name that match up with my fishing hobby, but at the end, I figured I have a domain name already, and I didn't want to spend any money to register a new domain name. So, I just decided to use everylist.

This site is built with raw HTML using Dreamweaver MX. I used to have a PHP/MySQL backend, but I took that down because I wanted more control with layout.

I update everylist nearly everyday, so be sure to check back often for new content/announcements.

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