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fishing line
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best & cheapest braid line?

I found that the Spectra braid line brand on amazon to be the best braid line you can buy.  it is less than HALF the price of powerpro & spiderwire, but offers the same reliability.  this is mainly due to the fact that technology nowadays is so good that the quality gap has pretty much disappeared.  this probably applies across all industry nowadays.  

one good thing about the spectra is that they offer many different line color to choose from.

also, a slight negative is that the shipping can take a little longer if you don't have amazon prime.  I highly recommend signing up for prime as it will save you a lot of money over the long run.  if you have an academic email (.edu), then it's half off too.  

spectra braid line: 6# - 100# test is about $12 (300 yard), other colors are around that price too
powerpro braid: price fluctuate depending on line size & color - range: $21 - $27
spiderwire braid:  price fluctuate depending on line size & color, but usually around $25 for 300 yard spool.

posts: 2169
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I just got these cheap ($7 for a 110 yard spool - 6# test) fishing line off amazon today.  I was a little hesitant given their low price.  after reading some decent reviews I decided to try them out.  I tied some knots, tugged on it, and pulled on them several times just to get a feel of their quality.  

so far, it looks really strong and the initial knot test I did held up extremely well.

I have been using powerpro and spiderware brands all these times, and they are getting a little spendy.  

these are half the price, many times even much less depending on the size.  as you can see from the picture below, they are about $16 for a spool of 500 yards of 30# test.  I checked the spiderwire brand which is $36 for 30# test of 500 yards.  

I'm not sure how good they are, but I'm going to spool them up and find out how well they work.  my guess is, they will work great and I probably won't notice any difference.

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