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it's not the gear, stupid

I get a lot of people telling me I'm using the "wrong" type of gear for a certain type of fishing - because "it's too big, and doesn't match".  it really shows their ignorance, don't you think?  I mean, would you criticize a person towing a motorcycle with a Ford F-250 truck?  that ford truck is pretty big, and a motorcycle is relatively small.  so, should the driver use a smaller vehicle to tow that motorcycle?

furthermore, why would you even criticize people when they're doing things differently from you?   it makes me wonder if these people go into a restaurant and yell at everyone who is eating a different food than they are.  

life is all about personal choice and having variety.  it's about finding what works for you and having fun using it.  different folks, different strokes.  simple as that.

for the most part, fishing is a sport about skills & technique.  I get a lot of people asking me on my youtube channel about what equipment is best to use for a specific specie.  the answer varies a lot because we all have different skill levels, techniques, physical limitations, knowledge, and budget.

like a great painter can make great paintings with any paint brush, a skilled fisherman can catch fish with any type of gear.  your skills and technique is what produce success - although tackle manufacturers would like to condition you that their gear will make you a better fisherman.  

the most important aspect any beginning fisherman should focus and invest a lot of time in is learning new skills and techniques.  one critical point is learning to tie a proper knot because it will help with 2 things:  1) reduce down time because you are quick at it, and 2) makes your knot stronger.  and believe me, your line will snap a lot due to snags and having learned a knot well gives you less downtime because you tie it that much faster.  other skills include learning how to cast, and learning to cast accurately.  just some other skills beginners need to learn (not complete, obviously):  to understand how structure relates to fish, where to cast in a current when fishing in a river (eddy's), how weather affects fish, types of rigs to use for different waters, different presentation, and so on.  I mean, the list is huge.  presentation is another big one.  for presentation, I mean how are you working the bait?  for surf fishing, I cast out, pause for 10 seconds, and reel in for a few seconds, pause again, and repeat.  and I noticed that they usually (80%?) take it on the pause.  that's presentation; you simply want to present your bait with varying speed and motion so as to imitate it being alive.

simply put, focus on improving your skills and knowledge about fishing.  ignore those who are too adamant about what gear you should use.  because YOU are doing the fishing and catching fish and having fun.  ignore the negative people and focus on enjoying and improving your own life.

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