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Best Micro SD Card for a Gopro

I got a new Micro SD card from Amazon today and tested the speed of it.  WOW, is it blazingly fast!!  So far, this is my fastest card - even faster than my Sandisk Extreme Pro.  The Samsung card has a phenomenal write speed well over 70 MB/s.  Definitely 4K & VR ready!

I'm excited because this will make my videos more clear.  After all, your videos are only as good as your slowest device.  

To be honest, I don't need a card this fast because I film in 1080P, which doesn't need that high of a write speed.  However, it's always a safe investment to future proof yourself.

posts: 2169
followers: 1


PK's Youtube Channel


A channel dedicated to fresh & saltwater fishing in Oregon - including crabbing for dungenness and red rock crabs.  I do not claim to know everything about the outdoors, but the tips & techniques I show in my videos are self-taught - knowledge I've gained since I caught my first fish back in 1982.

My first video went live in June 2014 on my channel.  My aim is to have varieties in my video: fishing, crabbing, cooking, how-to's, gear talk, and sometimes get-togethers with my subscribers.

positive side effect

Do I earn money from my channel?  Absolutely yes!!  It isn't very much, but it is an upward trend and I'm extremely excited about it.  My youtube channel has been one happy accident that I'm proud of.  Another positive effect is meeting new people.  I have met and made good friends with a lot of people who watch my channel.  At the same time, people share fishing spots with me, so this opens up new opportunities.  I'm very grateful to all of these people, because they help me grow.  These positive people (my subscribers) are the type of people I like to invest my time, energy, and effort into because we both help each other grow.  It's a wonderful synergy!


here are the species I tend to target most:  redtail surf perch, bass, rock fish, ling cod, trout, panfish, and crabs.  People ask me many times if I target salmon or steelhead and the answer is no.  I've caught a lot of them living in Alaska for 8 years, but never picked it  back up when I moved to Oregon.

seasonal changes

Like in most places, fishing in Oregon follows the 4 seasons.  Therefore, the type of videos I upload usually follows the fishing season.  I usually target redtail surf perch year round because they can be caught year round.  The only problem is trying to get a calm day on the coast, which is rare here in Oregon!  Bass fishing here is usually best during spring and summer.  You can catch them in winter too here, but a stick of dynamite works best during the cold months when they completely shut down and become uncooperative.  I fish for trout year round too, but more so during January to late summer as this is when they stock the lakes and ponds.  Rock fish & ling cod are another fish I target if the swell is too high for surf fishing.  I fish for them in the bays, so swell isn't much of a concern sometimes.

Another specie I target a lot are crabs.  The best times that I find are from August to December (maybe late January too).  From February to July, I find crabbing to be pretty slow.  I still go crabbing year round, but don't catch many during February to July.

negative side effect

I sometime get internet trolls commenting on my channel.  This is expected, it's a normal thing in this digital age.  I simply don't engage with them though because engaging with negative people results in zero gain.  Also, I would have to be negative too in order to deal with the negative situation that they've created - and I would never want to be negative for the simple reason that it doesn't have any positive rewards.  I never invest my time, energy, and effort into dealing with negative people because they don't offer any value to my channel, and don't offer any value to my life.  So, to invest your time, energy, and effort into something that has no positive gain is pretty useless.

I will never come to comprehend the uncanny human desire where one likes to focus on other people's problems rather than their own ........................ and I don't think I ever will ................

upload schedule

I don't have a fixed schedule that I upload my videos.  It usually takes me anywhere from 1 day to a week or more to edit my videos.  One reason for this is because I have other matters I must tend to in life - family, job, plus other personal matters.  I would love to upload a video every day, but given my time constraint, that won't happen.   Besides, many times I don't catch fish so I can't make videos without catching fish.

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