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12/05/2016, +1 likes
I got a sweet new reel that I'm reviewing soon.  the daiwa ss tournament 700 spinning reel.  it was actually released about 30 (THIRTY!) years ago?  at least that's what I've read.  

stay tuned for the full review.

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ugly stik elite spinning rod

I got this new ugly stik elite spinning rod today off amazon.  it's a 9' heavy rod rated for salmon / steelhead fishing.  I fished a lot with ugly stiks while living in alaska for a good 8 years.  they are extremely tough and durable.  I hauled in a 398 lb halibut on a 6'6" medium action ugly stik when I was 18.  that made me a believer immediately.

I got this new 9 footer mainly for jetty fishing.  I wanted something with a strong back bone while having a sensitive tip to help me detect bites.  when it arrived, I was surprised to find out how sensitive it was for a rod this size.  the only other rod that I have that is more sensitive is my 10 foot cabela's rod which I use for surf fishing --- by far my best and favorite rod to use.  that thing is extremely light, and the craftsmanship is incredible.

but the new ugly stik will allow me to throw weights that are 3 oz.  the cabela's is rated up to 2 oz, so I get a little more security with the ugly stik.  it has cork handles plus a comfortable grip.  one thing that's nice is that the reel sits very firm against the reel seat.  it's pretty tight and doesn't wiggle, a common problem with many of the cheaper rods.  on cheaper rods, the reel seat becomes loose over time as you use use the rod, and doesn't tighten probably.  having that the reel sit firmly against the rod is one feature that I look for when buying a rod.

the rod has a heavy front (tip), but this is expected because it's rated heavy.  it's definitely beefy and can handle anything along the oregon coast.  one way to reduce the heavy  "feeling" of a heavy tip is to use a bigger reel so that the back end "keeps" the tip up (more weight in the back makes the tip seem lighter).  but I'd imagine most people don't worry about this unless you're paying really close attention to it.  I have it paired with a stradic 4000 FK, which is just shy of 10 oz.  the tip does have a noticeable "weight" at the front compared to my cabela's rod, but this is expected since the ugly stik is rated for weights up to 3 oz.  you simply want a heavy tip to cast that bigger weight.

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Drying out your gulp sandworms

Before I use a new packet of gulp sandworms, I partially dry them out first.

I put the entire packet onto a paper towel, and let them dry outside for about 1 hour (room temp).  In 75F heat or higher, I'd probably go for about 30 minutes.  Then I take a paper towel and press down on them to suck out any gulp juice.

Once they are a little dry and they feel rubbery (tough to tear), I put them in a small jar.

Doing this has 2 positive results:  they last longer because they are tougher to tear off the hook, and the gulp juice don't spill.

After you dry them and put them in the jar, don't add any liquid gulp.

For those who use this stuff, you know they aren't cheap.  The best way to save money is trying to find ways so you get more mileage from these baits.

After I did this,  I noticed that my bites did not decrease at all, and that I was able to use a single pack for 3 or 4 trips.  I also save money since I no longer need to buy the gulp juice to keep them "recharged" - as Berkley recommend that you do to keep them "fresh".  Keeping them dry doesn't seem to affect my fishing at all, and this leads me to believe that perhaps it's the shape and color that they are attracted to.  Perhaps the shape and color is similar to a local food source that they feed on.  And they still smell pretty potent even after drying them.

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new penn slammer 3 - 4500

I got the all new penn slammer 3 right here in my hand.  I went with the 4500 model to use for surf fishing and jetty fishing.  it is an AWESOME reel to say the least.  the main feature that made me went for it is the IPX6 rating for waterproofness.  as you may or may not know, one of my stradic had the anti-reverse fail on me while surf fishing, and so I began looking for a reel that had a better seal.  I saw the slammer 3 announced back in summer and waited all this time to get one.  

the IPX6 rating is an investment in my own piece of mind knowing that I don't have to worry much about water intrusion into the gearbox.  it's well worth it, in my opinion.  

the first thing that comes to mind when picking up this reel is the weight.  it is one solidly built reel, feels very hefty, tough like a tank.  the black and gold color is a penn signature, and it just looks aesthetically pleasing.  at first, I didn't think I would like the aluminum knob because I thought that my hand would get cold fishing in cold weather, but after reeling it a few times, it just feels perfect.  the knob is big and you can get a good grip on it so it won't slip.  it does come with an EVA know which you can switch out easily in the field.

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cheap rod & reel setup for surf fishing

this is a great starter setup for anyone who wants to get into surf fishing without breaking the bank.

I get a lot of questions as to what rod & reel works best for surf fishing.  the answer really depends on the person, mainly on what their skill levels are, and also on what their budget is.

I'm going to show one setup that's fairly cheap ($50 total including reel, rod, and line - braid).  

REEL:  shimano FX 2500.  I got it off amazon for about $15 2 years ago.  it's a great reel and I've caught lots of bass with it on the long tom.  I used it for surf fishing as well before and it performed flawlessly.  just remember to always spray/rinse your reel with fresh water after surf fishing.  the reel is light, and I spooled it with 10# braid.  I highly recommend this reel if you just want to get into surf fishing and see what it's like before plunking down more money on expensive gear.

ROD:  9' cabela's whuppin' stick.  what a name!  be sure to watch their website as this rod goes on sale pretty often for about $20.  I don't think you should pay more than that, unless you want to.  I use a 9' and a 10' for surf fishing, so choose a length that you are comfortable using, NOT on what other people use as we all have different preferences and skill levels.  what works for others won't necessarily work for you.  I got the 9' medium action which is somewhat flimsy - this is fine because it has a good load (bend) to chuck the weight far.  I'm sure there are plenty other rods you can choose for that price, and it's important to choose one that you feel comfortable using.

for line, braid is a good choice as it has near zero stretch and it really lets you feel the bites.  I have the shimano spooled with 10# braid, and I use about a 1.5 oz weight or less.  I normally use a 2 oz on my regular 10 footer with 40# braid.  I've used a 2 oz with smaller line before and it snapped before on me so I've found the 40# to be perfect.  remember that a 2 oz weight becomes about a 4 or 5 oz weight as you're loading to cast due to this crazy thing called centripetal force.  so you have to adjust your line accordingly.

I'll have another post like this soon, and will try to use a reel that is even cheaper.  stay tuned.

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I got a new fishing reel for surf fishing.  it's the shimano stradic Ci4+ FB.  I wanted something super light since I walk the beach a lot and fish for hours on end.  it has some great features such as what shimano calls Coreprotect, which offers better seals to keep water out.  that comes in very handy out on the beach where you get splashed from all directions.

it's a size 4000 reel and only weighs 8.1 oz!

like my old stradic, this thing casts a mile with braid line.

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