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September 2, 2017

by: pk- 07/22/2017

»  September 2, 2017
»  $10 fee/person
»  If you're a minor under 18 years old,
bring  your parents
»  Ona Beach State Park (South of Newport)
»  Check in time @ 6 am (you can fish once you check in)
»  Run Time:  6:30 AM - 11 AM

Once you check in, you can drive around and fish at other beaches.  Remember, we had our first tournament back in June here and the best spot is in front of the cliff - towards Seal Rock.  Make a LEFT turn once you walk out onto the beach.  There are many parks around here.  I've done well at Lost Creek too, which is 5 minutes north of Ona Beach.  The key is to move around.  Seal Rock is also very good.

Because we are having a cookout, we need volunteers to donate their catch so we can cook them and have lunch.  

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Cookout afterwards!!! Come get some fresh tacos!!!!

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